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Brand Description

SIMONA AG is a manufacturer of thermoplastic products, with production facilities and sales offices around the globe. Its team of about 1,300 employees brings together best-in-class expertise and an unrivalled passion for customer service, while its portfolio of 35,000+ items represents one of the most extensive and diverse product ranges world-wide. Annual production exceeds 100,000 tonnes. SIMONA AG is a stock corporation listed in the General Standard of the Frankfurt stock exchange. The company’s registered office is in Kirn, Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany).

Superior process engineering meets first-class consulting services

The company’s product portfolio includes semi-finished products, pipes and fittings as well as finished parts. The range of semi-finished products consists of sheets, rods, profiles and welding rods. Displaying superior resistance to aggressive chemicals, these products are used for a wide range of applications, with particular emphasis on chemical tank and equipment engineering. Other key areas in which SIMONA’s high-performance plastics are used include mechanical engineering, automotive applications, life sciences, structural engineering and advertising.

SIMONA pipes and fittings are mainly deployed within the utility and waste disposal industry as well as in the field of landfill engineering. In addition, our piping systems have become highly sought after as solutions for cutting-edge industrial applications.

Excellent processing technology. Quality and best-in-class technical service have been inextricably linked with the SIMONA name for the last 150 years. Beyond their comprehensive range of standardised products, they also develop customised solutions tailored to the requirements of virtually any application imaginable. Committed to excellence, their finely honed logistics and global distribution network ensure that SIMONA solutions are delivered to customers wherever and whenever they are required.

Simona offer an extensive range of materials. Among their key strengths is the ability to modify plastics and develop new materials and material combinations.

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